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ad Andrea Marchesini

An overview of the works of artist Andrea Marchesini reveals his art’s attachment and openness towards life. Paraphrasing critic Maurizio Calvesi, Marchesini’s artistic career is a contemporary development of the canons of Pop Art regarded through the symbolisms of mass-media (or, better, of human existence) – visual filters conceptually engendered by humans.

The light/colour ratio is the engine of his creations, connecting his elaborations with today’s world. The colour forms that were the essence of the Venetian tradition since the Renaissance enable him to establish correlations among visual codes which, expertly combined, institute an interdisciplinary communications system.

After the early works presented as “Tracce” and “Materici”, in which the fluidity of gesture and rigid geometry were manifestations of the expressive instinct, giving rise to fluctuations of colour and matter within the dyna- mics of perception, Marchesini gave greater space to a figurative and symbolic universe that is permeated by pop references. .............


ad Andrea Marchesini

How did you come to art, or how did art come to you?


The artist does not “come to” anything nor does he receive external influence: he develops what he has in himself when existential circumstances “free” him from conditioning. In fact, the artist experiences life and its events in two ways: through common perception but also through the mind’s eye.


Where do you get your inspiration from?


Generally, I take inspiration from events that lead me to reflect on the history of man and his myths. I process it at the first light of day, in that space between unconsciousness and wakefulness, where we do not clearly perceive reality.


What have been the highlights of your...........

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Dalle origini

L'evento tenutosi a Genova mostra istituzionale che ha visto protagonista Andrea Marchesini  che con la sua arte è riuscita a emozionare i visitatori della mostra.

Posted 24-11-2018 / Genova



Sabato 22 dicembre alle ore 16.30, negli spazi espositivi di Villa Graziani a San Giustino, l’inaugurazione della mostra ‘Mirabilia’: collettiva, curata dallo storico dell’arte e critico Andrea Baffoni, che vede opere di Laura Alunni, Fabrizio Fabbroni, Paola Giordano, Andrea Marchesini, Anna Maria Orazi e Fabrizio Sola.


Posted 22-12-2018 /San Giustino Perugia


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