Marchesini was born in Verona and lived in Barbarano Vicentino. Son of an artist, he frequented his mother’s art studio from the age of four, therefore growing up around suggestions of art. He studied art in London, went to museums and exhibitions of which the Tate Gallery, approaching above all the work of Turner whose painting of pure light brings him back to the colouristic teaching of the Venetians. He spent two years in Dublin visiting unspoilet places whose hints of culture will be the basics of his picture series: Tracce (Traces) and Città del Silenzio (City of Silence) mixed apparitions and bumps, cracks, craters, footprints, stratifications that go beyond days, years, centuries, millenniums, a feeling of a multicultural and multiethnic world, places and symbols that make up man’s jurney, where he is absent and nature takes back its personal space. In Barcellona he comes into contact with the work of Mirò and with his colourful world that make his paintings explode, while in Rome, where he works and lives from 2003 to 2006, he rediscovers the origins of classical art.

He also dedicated himself to the large canvases and tapestries of “Affabulando” and “Oltre La Siepe”. “Satyron 2016” and “Action” where he freely used the language of his time and of the past, mixing them with cinema, comics, cartoons and satire. Thus a painted is produced in wich abstract-expressionist elements emerge and whose symbols recall past models. The communication energy explode in alterations and overlapping colours, where the inner elements force themselves onto the exterior of the painting through a fusion of energetic gestures. An emotional, expressive, strong and decisive painting, inclined to fascinate the viewer. In 2017 he was invited to Hong Kong where he received an international art criticism award.

Recent exhibition: 2016 Bologna Wikiarte Gallery; 2016 Padua La Teca Gallery; 2016 Padova Art Fair; 2016  Stuttgart Italian Cultural Institute; 2016 Padua permanent artist of M.A.G. Mediolanum Art Gallery; 2016 Padua Govetosa Gallery; 2017 Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) New Civic Gallery; 2017 Bologna Galleria Wikiarte permanent artist; 2017 New York Art Expò; 2017 Vicenza Idea of Luisa Amatori; 2017 Padua M.A.G. Mediolanum Art Gallery; 2017 London ART LANDMARK LONDON 2017; 2017 Seul Haegeumgang Theme Museum; 2017 Stupinigi Hunting Lodge “Biennal of artists 2017”; 2017 Padova Art Fair; 2017 Milano Grand Art Modern & Contemporary Fine Art Fair;  2017 Hong Kong prize “Contemporary Artist-WCA SPECIAL AWARD”; 2018 Florence Dance Accademy Center; 2018 Limena Mediolanum Bank; 2018 Genoa Palazzo Franchi; 2018 Padua Govetosa Gallery; 2018 Arzignano Mediolanum Bank; 2019 Museum Casa dei Carraresi Treviso; 2019 Bioatelier Alassio; 2019  Ess&rre Gallery Turist port in Rome; 2019 Artender Alassio; 2019 Atelier Gianni Di Muro Alassio; 2019 Albenga Museum Palazzo Oddo.



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