Andrea Marchesini was born the 17 th December 1973. He frequented her mothers’ atelier, an artist too, since he was four.

He achieved a scientific degree, but even during his studies he managed to go to several artist’ studios to improve his painting technique.

At eighteen years old he went to Amsterdam for holidays and there, he spent most of his time at the Van Gogh's  museum  studying his paintings full of  dense and vibrant colours and tormented and revolutionary brush strokes.

He joined the low university but very soon he decided to leave and he moved  to London where, at the Tate Gallery  he could look closely,  works of Constable and Turner and where he could also get in touch with many contemporary artists, learning new ways of art expression

After six years in London he moved to Dublin where he lived for two years. In that period he did not only stay  there but he also explored  the beautiful  Irish countryside, where he developed  the idea for  his production "City of Silence"

“City Of Silence” tells us about lands that belongs to man’s journey, but where man is banned by nature itself that takes back everything he damaged, generating new life.

Suddenly he felt he had to move again so he decided first to travel to Barcelona to study Miro’s work with his fantastic way to display colours and then Rome where he could study  classical art, visiting all his monuments and museums

Today the artist lives and works near Vicenza where, he creates his artworks in his atelier.

He works on different series of painting, from “Dinamismo Cosmico”  and  “Connessioni”, more abstract with a dynamism of  colour in constant evolution, up to “Affabulando”, “Satyricon” and “Action” where instead he prefers to focus on shapes always more defined.


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